Unblur Feature

There are always some moments that deserve a press of the shutter release, such as the moments of your kids doing something exciting, your favorite athlete rushing to the end, etc. These moments happen too fast to wait for your focus or allow you to retake the shot. That’s why you get a blurry photo.

Don’t be frustrated! Some tools can help you unblur image online to rejuvenate your photo. This article will introduce 5 online tools and tell you how to unblur images with and without Photoshop.

How to Unblur an Image Without Photoshop

Compared to traditional editing tools like Photoshop, AI-powered tools, trained on millions of images, can genuinely restore the details without any quality loss. Below are five AI tools to help you unblur an image.

1. Unblur Image with VanceAI Image Sharpener

VanceAI Image Sharpener can help you unblur images in just few seconds. With it, you can easily make a blurry picture clear online.

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VanceAI Unblur Save

Step 1: Upload your photo

Drag your image in the website.

VanceAI Unblur Upload

Step 2: Choose sharpen degree

Drag the slider to set the sharpen degree.

VanceAI Unblur Sharpen

Step 3: Apply the feature

Press the “Start to Press” button to unblur image online.

VanceAI Unblur Process

Step 4: Save the result

You could preview the result in this image sharpener before you save the download.

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2. Unblur Image with Waifu2x

Waifu2x is an AI enlarger tool that allows you to enlarge your photo up to 2x and 4x without quality loss. It also supports to enhance photo details, such as to unblur image, and suppress noise.

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Step 1: Upload your photo

Go to Waifu2x website and drag your photo in anywhere of the box.

unblur Waifu2x Upload

Step 2: Apply AI features

Choose the features you want to apply on your photo to unblur image better. Then, click “Start to Process”.

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unblur Waifu2x Process

Step 3: Save the download

Click “Download” to save the image on your devices.

unblur Waifu2x

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3. Unblur Photo with Pixbim

Pixbim may only be used after being installed. By using it, you can unblur images instantly and get satisfying results.

Step 1: Load Image

Click “Load Image” to upload the image you want to unblur.

Unblur Pixbim Upload

Step 2: Preset the image quality you want to achieve.

Unblur Pixbim Preset

Step 3: Download the result

Unblur Pixbim

4. Unblur Photo with Adobe Spark

Unblur Adobe Spark

Step 1: Upload your image

Step 2: Unblur image online

Choose the Enhancement options and adjust the slider to unblur image

Step 3: Further enhance your image

If you want to further enhance your image, Adobe Spark also has other filters to edit your photo, such as colorizing and etc.

Step 4: Save and download

5. Unblur Photo with PineTools

PineTool is a convenient image editing tool with various functions. You may use it to unblur photos in just a few clicks.

Step1: Input image

Click the button below the “INPUT IMAGE” to upload your image

Unblur Pine Tools Input

Step 2: Apply the unblur options to unblur image

Choose the size and strength you want to unblur image and hit the “SHARPEN” button

Unblur Pine Tools Apply

Step 3: Save the output image

This tool allows you to choose the file type you want to save.

Unblur Pine Tools Save

How to unblur an image in Photoshop

Step 1: Upload a blurry picture into Photoshop
Step 2: Duplicate the picture to make 2 copy layers.
Step 3: Inview the top layer and edit the second layer
Step 4: GO to “Filter” and choose “Blur” to set the radius value as you want
Step 5: Click on the top layer. Go to “Image” and click “Apply image” to apply the effect of second layer to the top layer plus adding scale to 2.
Step 6: Change the layer of “Normal” into “Linear light”.
Step 7: Save the result.


There are always some reasons you may get photos blurred that wastes your elaborate composition. In past days, you can do nothing with it but wait for next chance to retake the photo. Now, we have AI technology to avoid this frustrating fact. All the tools in this article allow you to easily unblur image online and get high-quality images. There is reason to believe that AI image editing tools can be more and more popular with the development of AI technology. Click to now more onHow to Increase Resolution of Image?