Regardless of our work or the kind of user we are, we often wonder how to increase resolution of image in a way that doesn’t ruin its quality. Furthermore, even with a huge number of tools available that can increase image resolution, they underperform when it comes to maintaining the quality. This is where AI comes in. The extraordinary capacity of an AI based tool such as Vance AI Image Enlarger to increase resolution of image while continuously enhancing its quality is rarely seen, and Vance AI Anime Upscaler to increase waifu image resolution by using waifu2x algorithms. Now let’s see how to increase resolution of image with the tool mentioned.

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How to Increase Resolution of Image with Vance AI Image Enlarger?

An easy to follow guide on how to increase the resolution of an image with Vance AI Image Enlarger online tool for everyone.

1. The image upscaler application can be accessed through the link given. Once you reach the page, click on Upload Image to get started.

2. This will open up the Vance AI Workspace mode. This is where you can check subscription details and upload images. So, click on the upload icon to upload an image and click on Start to Process.

3. You will find your output shortly under the Processed tab. Use the Preview button on the right of the box and use Download Image to save the image.

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High Resolution Images Generated by AI

We saw how to increase resolution of image with Vance AI Image Enlarger and now we will look at some photos enlarged and enhanced by the application.

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Coke Product Vance

The image being upscaled twice its size with a solid black background, the new image exceeds the quality significantly and retains the amazing colors as well. As we can see from the images, the old one had a little blurriness once zoomed in. The new image eliminates that completely.

Fruits Product Vance

The application is remarkably good when it comes to providing a refreshed color intensity as evidenced from the new image compared to the old. It did the same for the previous image as well. Apart from that, there is an increased level of contrast too, though the new image does contain a bit of image noise still.

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Ridge Enhance Vance

Similar to the previous images, the image enlarger tool manages to eliminate blurriness by a huge extent, no matter what kind of image it is. This time, the tool provides a great look for a landscape photograph.

Selfie Enhance Vance

The tool is pretty great with facial features as well. The new image has a better clarity compared to the previous one and has been enlarged twice the original size.

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About Vance AI

The image enlarger is only one of the tools that Vance AI offers. Besides the task to increase image resolution online, you can do a lot more image editing with Vance AI. You can use Vance AI’s background remover tool for erasing annoying backgrounds, photo colorizer to bring black and white photos back to life with colors, sketch converter for turning around images to drawings, etc. Vance AI is a household of applications online.

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1. How to increase the resolution of an image in Photoshop?

Though it is not easy to know how to increase resolution of image by using Photoshop, it is nonetheless doable. Once you have your Photoshop software application ready, launch it and open the image that you need. Now, go to Image > Image Size and you will see a small box appear. Uncheck Resample Image and simply type in the resolutions that you want in the box. Apply the settings.

2. How to increase resolution of image in Paint?

To increase image resolution is relatively easy in Paint compared to any other tool. Launch Paint and open the image there. You will see a Resize button on the Home tab, use it. Now, select the resolutions that you want and apply the settings. Save the image into your device.


Increasing image resolutions can be quite tricky, tedious, and most of all, inefficient. Furthermore, they do not always guarantee optimum results. Thanks to applications like Vance AI Image Enlarger, you can easily enlarge images without worrying about quality, speed, or anything else. The tool utilizes its AI and Deep Learning techniques really well. Also read:How to Denoise Photo with Vance AI Image Denoiser.