There are now so many options to cartoon yourself online rather than spending a ton of time on complex software applications. Not to mention the ever increasing popularity of selfies and portraits, it automatically makes the option to create a cartoon of yourself lucrative because of the creative aspect it brings. With the rush of cliche pictures shared on social media, you can stand out in a strong way with a fresh look of yourself or something else.

Best 5 Tools to Create a Cartoon of Yourself

1. Toongineer Cartoonizer

Price: Toongineer Cartoonizer is a cartoonizer tool online that can be used three times for free. After the free credits run out, you will need to at least purchase the Basic plan for $9.90 per month with 200 image credits.

The Toongineer Cartoonizer is a part of the Vance AI library of image editing tools. Vance AI offers AI based image editing and enhancing solutions for different kinds of requirements. With the Toongineer Cartoonizer, you can simply upload an image and have it transformed into a completely new styled picture. Thanks to its AI and Deep Learning based technologies, it can deliver great results in a short amount of time. Furthermore, you can purchase a paid plan and make use of batch processing to accelerate the process even more.

How to cartoon yourself online with Toongineer Cartoonizer?

1. You can convert photo to cartoon online by using this link and clicking on Upload Image to open the Workspace.

Cartoon Youself Online Vance AI

2. Use the upload function to either select an image or drop an image for upload. After that, click on Start to Process.

Cartoon Youself Online Vance AI

3. Go to Processed and click on Preview on the right of the image. Use Download Image to save the image.

Cartoon Youself Online Vance AI

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2. AI Portraits

Price: You can cartoon yourself online free of cost with this editing tool.

AI Portraits is a really simple application that you can use, especially if you want results in quickest possible ways and you are not much experienced with image editing tools whatsoever. The tool basically reads your image through its AI technology and offers the output.

How to cartoon yourself online with AI Portraits?

1. With the link given above, access the main website and you will see the upload function at the center.

Cartoon Youself Online AI Portraits

2. Use it to select the image that you want to upload. Once you upload, the tool will start processing the image.

Cartoon Youself Online AI Portraits

3. You can then download the image using the option given below.

In fact, before making a cartoon image, VanceAI Portrait Retoucher, or blemish remover, is a reliable tool to help to remove any imperfections or flaws on a person's skin or other parts of the image.

3. BeFunky

Price: Though you can cartoon yourself free of cost, the editing options will be limited. For access to all features, you can buy a plan for $4.99 which gets billed annually at $59.88.

You can make a lot of use out of the BeFunky online image editing tool thanks to its useful editor mode and features. Another cool aspect of this application is that it offers a bunch of different styles to cartoon yourself online. A few styles include watercolors, oil painting, underpainting, and more. Aside from this, this tool allows you to add text, do basic editing, use great stock photos, etc.

How to cartoon yourself online with Befunky?

1. Click on the link given above to access the website and from there, use the Try It Now button to start the editor.

Cartoon Youself Online Befunky

2. Once you have the editor, either use the Open option on top or take a sample image. Click on any effects on the left bar.

Cartoon Youself Online Befunky

3. Use the Save option on top to download the image.

4. Cartoonify

Price: This is a cartoonize me free of cost online application that specializes in profile pictures.

You can create a cartoon version of yourself with ease when using this tool as it is well designed and easy to follow. This particular application is better suited for situations where you want to just create a cartoon profile picture that strictly includes just the face like a WhatsApp or LinkedIn profile picture. You can also choose and edit your avatar as they offer a wide variety of options like hair, skin color, eyes, hair, etc.

How to cartoon your self online with Cartoonify?

1. You can start off by using this link and then selecting the gender of the avatar you want.

Cartoon Youself Online Cartoonify

2. Once you select that, you will be presented with all the options. Use them to create the cartoon version of yourself.

Cartoon Youself Online Cartoonify

3. Click on the Download button to save the image.

5. Picsart

Price: It offers limited features for free. For more, you can buy at least the Gold version which costs $4.66 per month.

This online application is somewhat similar to online editing tools like Canva when it comes to design and UI. It offers backgrounds, templates, photos, stickers, and more. Similar to Canva, it is a sophisticated application that offers more than cartoonizer features. You can upload your own photos or use stock pictures provided by the website.

How to cartoon your self online with Picsart?

1. By using the link, you will reach the home screen of the cartoonize me free tool. From there, you will need to click on the Try Cartoonizer tool.

Cartoon Youself Online Picsart

2. Now, scroll down and select any template or photo you want.

Cartoon Youself Online Picsart

3. Go to the Effects button on top of the image and select what you want from the left side bar. Download the image after.

Cartoon Youself Online Picsart


The image enhancer tool from Vance AI, for instance, offers a different kind of cartoonize me free service. It makes use of AI and Deep Learning to give users quick and stylish results. On the other hand, a tool like Picsart is more manual and slow since it rests the decisions of cartoon styles on the user. Which tool you use depends on your preferences.


1. Can I make a cartoon of myself?

Yes, it is definitely possible to create a cartoon of yourself without having to spend a lot of time editing. In-fact, with an AI based image editing tool, you can do it within seconds. Whenever you want to cartoon yourself online, you can use any of these tools to do it. Simply upload an image and wait for the tool to process the image. Then, just download the image. We have also provided guides for each application.

2. Is there a free tool to cartoon yourself online?

You can cartoon yourself online free with the Toongineer Cartoonizer application. It is powered by AI and Deep Learning technology hence you can expect some great looking results to be produced within seconds. Other free tools include Cartoonify and BeFunky. Depending on your preference, choose either of the tools. For fast processing, go for Cartoonify. If you prefer more editing and stock photos to test these effects on, go for BeFunky.