An application like Let’s Enhance would make it easier to ensure that all your images are clear and in high resolution. Considering the amount of times images are used for all kinds of purposes, it is crucial to only upload the images you have confidence in. This Let’s Enhance review and alternatives article looks at a few image-enhancing tools that are perfect alternatives to Let’s Enhance IO. It is important to enhance low resolution photo and avoid the risk of undermining your social media and digital presence.

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Let's Enhance Review

Price: You can use Let’s Enhance free of cost only for the five credits you receive as a new user. The paid plans start with $9 per month with 100 image credits provided along with extra features.

This online image editing and enhancing tool is used for mainly upscaling images without losing quality. The application makes use of AI-based technology to ensure the highest possible quality while processing. You can upload JPG, PNG, and WebP images for enhancement. Other than that, it offers custom style upscaling, including digital art style. As a user, you simply need to upload an image, choose the settings from the editor, and begin the processing. With that said, let’s see how to enhance a low resolution photo using this tool.

How to enhance a low resolution photo with Let's Enhance io?

1. You can start by accessing the tool online. Once there, you can click on the circle on the right to upload an image.

let's enhance

2. You will be taken to an editor settings page. Choose the settings as per your preference and start processing.

let's enhance Upload

3. The application will start processing the image. Wait for a short time and then use the download options to save the image on your device.

let's enhance Download

Best 5 Let's Enhance Alternative

1. Vance AI

Price: Vance AI offers 3 image credits for free. After that, the paid plans start from $9.90/mo with 200 credits.

Vance AI is an online image quality enhancer that offers all kinds of image editing features such as image enhancement, photo retouching, colorization, and more. You can use the photo enhancer from Vance AI without requiring any experience since it is an automatic tool.

How to enhance a low resolution photo with Vance AI?

1. This link will take you to Vance AI Photo Retoucher. Click on Upload Image to get started.

let's enhance Alternative Vance AI

2. You will see the Workspace open. This is where you upload images, check image credits, and choose other Vance AI applications. You can switch to Vance AI Image Enlarger by clicking on the drop-down menu. For now, click on Start to Process.

let's enhance Alternative Vance AI Upload

3. Download the image by going to Processed > Preview and using the Download Image button.

let's enhance Alternative Vance AI Download

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Price: The tool offers a few free credits after which, users will need to purchase a paid subscription.

The Let’s Enhance alternative tool here is also a diverse one when it comes to the number of features it offers. Though less than those of Vance AI, users can still enjoy background removal, face retouching, denoiser tools, etc.

How to enhance a low resolution photo with

1. Use the link given above to get to the site. Click on the upload button to select an image for upload.

let's enhance Alternative imglarger

2. You will see a bar below the upload tool. Start the processing of the image and you will see the progress bar filling up as the tool processes the image.

let's enhance Alternative imaglarger

3. Use the Download option to save the image in your device.

let's enhance Alternative imglarger

3. Fotor

Price: Though the one-tap enhancement feature is a paid one, you can start a free trial to use it for free.

When you consider all the features and possibilities with Fotor, it is actually a step ahead of Let’s Enhance. Not to mention that Fotor also offers more even as a free tool compared to many other image editing applications online. With Fotor, you can enhance and edit images in a wide range of ways.

How to enhance a low resolution photo with Fotor?

1. Use the link above to access the site and get started by clicking on Enhance Photos Now.

let's enhance Alternative Fortor

2. You will see the one-tap enhancement button at the very start of the list. Click on it to apply. You can upload an image by using the Open Image button.

let's enhance Alternative Fotor

3. Use the Download button on the top-right to save the image.

let's enhance Alternative Fotor

4. BeFunky

Price: You can enhance your photos for free with this tool. However, unlocking all the features will require a minimum payment of $4.99.

The great thing about BeFunky is that it allows manual editing to users through its easy to use editor mode. This also includes all one-click features such as digital art style enhancement, oil painting style, etc. Not to mention that it also offers some really cool stock images for you to edit.

How to enhance a low resolution photo with BeFunky?

1. Click on the click and access the editor by using the Get Started button on the website.

let's enhance Alternative Befunky

2. Use the AI Image Enhancer feature on the left at the sidebar. This will automatically enhance your photo to high resolution.

let's enhance Alternative Befunky

3. Use the Save button on top to download the image on your device.

5. Deep Image

Price: Users get five image credits for free. The paid plans start from $0.09 per credit or $9 monthly with 100 credits provided.

Users can upload JPG and PNG images on this website for enhancement. This tool makes use of neural networking technology for image processing and offers some really high resolution images. You can also make use of batch processing if you are uploading images from your Google Drive.

How to enhance a low resolution photo with Deep Image?

1. Use the link to access the website and select the upload button. You can create a free account instantly through Google if you are prompted for an account.

let's enhance Alternative Deep Image

2. Use the settings given as per your preference and click on the Enhance button below.

let's enhance Alternative Deep Image

3. Now all you have to do is download the image.


1. Is Let's enhance free?

Let’s Enhance is free but only for a limited amount of uses. When you create an account on the website, it provides you with the five image credits that you can use for any feature. After using up the credits, you will need to purchase any of its paid subscriptions. The paid plan also comes with extra credits and features that are not available on the free account.

How to enhance a low resolution photo?

You can enhance a low resolution photo by following the steps given for each tool, including let’s enhance and the let’s enhance alternative tools. The short version of it is that you can simply use the link of any tool and upload an image. Wait till the tool processes the image and displays the output. Lastly, download the image by using the download options.


This list includes a good range of different image enhancers that you can use right away. The image enhancer offered by Vance AI is the best for users who require a tool that can process images really quickly and still provide high quality results. If you are someone who prefers a bit of manual editing, consider tools like BeFunky. Also read:Best 4Image Quality Enhancers Review